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Relationship Development Intervention is a program being used internationally to equip families and adults that have neurologically based developmental challenges like Autism to normalise their lives and regain a sense of productive progress in their family or individual growth process



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RDI Program

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Client Testimonial

“When I first met Shelly, it was a few months after our son was diagnosed with ASD and I was like a deer in headlights.  I felt like our family was constantly in crisis; spending every day and night treading eggshells to avoid the next meltdown.  I was also full of self-doubt in my ability to parent him.

Shelly and RDI have taught me so much about going back to basics, slowing down and realising the importance of the little things I can do to make a big difference for my son.

Despite my personal growth and the many successes RDI has brought for our family so far, at times it has been challenging.  However, Shelly has supported me all the way, moulding the program to suit our needs, our learning styles and our pace.

Our RDI journey is far from over and I still have so much to learn but Shelly has begun to give me my confidence back in my role as parent.  I know that by continuing with my RDI learning, I am giving my son the absolute best opportunity as he grows, not only to experience meaningful relationships with his peers but to be independent, happy and successful in whatever path he chooses.”
Sarah Cutting mother to Lachie aged 4 & RDI Mum since November 2014

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