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Our Mission

Connecting Young Minds is a clinical practice where up to date and cutting edge neurodevelopmental intervention services are offered. Creating individualised programs for families are at the heart of the clinics approach to supporting families’ relationship development.

Why Us

Connecting Young Minds provides a compassionate, skilled and innovative experience. Guiding parents how to promote mental growth with their child in everyday life. Providing families with educational sessions on developmental issues is key to our unique consultation experience.

What we do

Michelle aims to provide families with the most efficient, comprehensive and affordable services as possible. Michelle tailors her service to suite each family in a way which promotes personal growth and allows for an enhanced quality of life for the entire family through understanding their child's strengths and challenges in an ever changing and dynamic world.

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Connecting Young Minds is located in South Australia and offers a range of parent-based services to families who have a child with a neuro-developmental delay. Services are designed to slowly and systematically train parents to guide their child’s development, rebuild healthy emotional connections and enable quality of life for all family members. Custom designed programs are based on parent’s concerns and goals. Consultations can be done through Skype, in-person and telephone sessions.

Michelle began her journey connecting with young minds over 20 years ago where she used her Drama specialisation in South Africa to work with and then teach a culturally diverse range of children and teenagers. This was a joyful and enriching experience.

It was later in the United Kingdom where she was able to use Drama as an intervention to support and develop social learning and understanding for children within a special education setting. She soon pursued a degree in Autism at the University of Birmingham. Her dissertation focused on identifying the needs of teenage girls on the autism spectrum, a two year research project.

Michelle’s passion and enthusiasm for gaining as much insight into moving herself, parents and professionals from surface compensation into a deeper form of re mediation, led her to training as an RDI Consultant in Australia and Indonesia. Michelle is currently supervised and mentored by Dr Sheely out of Houston,USA.

Michelle is delighted to bring RDI to families in Australia and internationally. South African born, Michelle speaks Afrikaans and welcomes South African families to connect with her. Currently based in Country South, South Australia Michelle offers both her expertise and a tailored program to children and families in the area.



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