BIG BANG Drama Club

BIG BANG Drama Club offers a unique, fun and interactive Play & Drama Experience! Embracing Neuro Diversity and providing new and innovative programmes for all ages and developmental abilities.  Play-drama intervention offers a powerful, integrating way forward for children with developmental delays. Appealing to both the cognitive strengths and essential playfulness of children, youth and young adults which may leave them feeling energised and liberated to make creative choices and decisions within carefully constructed parameters.

We know how complex social play may be for many children and youth on the autism spectrum. That’s why it’s important that whilst teaching specific skills during our drama club we are always mindful that they are taught in parallel to the development of children’s symbolic understanding and will need to be perceived as relevant and meaningful to the child. Activities and games are presented in a way that is a starting point to thinking about social play in a practical and developmental way. All activities and games would be adapted to your child’s needs and interests.

Taking play into drama is dependent on establishing a group dynamic. To begin with activities and games are designed in a way that do not require participation in the group, but allows the child or young adult to focus instead on developing a relationship with the significant adult (or peer). They may also be turned round, so that the child or young adult takes the initiative.

The value of play-drama intervention for children with autism can be summarised as follows:

  • By engaging in flexible thinking processes, play and drama help integrate perceptual, narrative and affective representations and encourage coherence.
  • Play and drama develop fluidity and fluency in the thinking process, and assist in the development of alternative strategies and a better understanding of ambiguity.
  • By the repeated practice of examining concepts through play and drama, connections in the brain are strengthened and become more effective.
  • Play and drama provide a framework that allows emotional engagement with others and supports social understanding through shared meanings.
  • Play and drama directly explore how social constructs are created, and how to influence others effectively. 

All these features are important in developing social understanding and an associated improvement in social interactional skills, communication and greater flexibility of thought and action. A Triad of Competencies released through play and drama! 

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